Tuesday, January 24, 2023

# 159 "Winged things" challenge , i made a printers tray.

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Today my contribution to the LCD/CV challenge "Winged things".
I made this printers tray (20x30cm) for a stamp friend's birthday.
It contains quite a few stamps, but I especially like the butterflies.
Here's a list of what I used and a brief description.
Spike and Lucy. (only the girl)
Sentiment from Carmens Veranda, 

Broken China
Twisted citron
Fossilized amber
Rustic wildernis
Rusty hinge
Black waterproof ink.

For the frame, i used acrylic paint in the same colors.
For the spletters some white and brown paint.
Pencils for coloring.
White gellpen.
Nuvo aqaua shimmer for some glitter accents.
I first drew the frame on paper, so I knew exactly where the compartments were.
This makes it easier to determine where which stamp will be placed.
First I sanded the frame and painted it in various colors.
When that is drying I smeared the ink with water on the paper.
Then I stamped the stamps, 
The big butterfly of the Bitterfly set I stamped each wing turned left and right.
And I glued the 3 small butterflies loose so that they have depth.
Then I stamped the background around the stamps. 
Color the details with the pencils.
You can finish the it of with a white gel pen.
Don't forget to do some stamping on the edges of the frame as well.
Just splash the white and brown paint and you're done.
make a small Happy birthday tag and bind it to the foil giftrap.
I hope you enjoyed it and that you will soon get started for our challenge. 
You can win new stamps, so come and participate. 
The challenge runs until the end of this month.
Good luck.

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