Tuesday, June 8, 2021

My Untidy Mind

Welcome back to Lost Coast Portal to Creativity where Lost Coast Designs and Carmen's Veranda collide to bring you twice the inspiration and double the fun!

 Good morning and a very happy Tuesday. It's Sue here with my piece for our Save The Trees challenge.  By that, we mean to stamp on anything other than ordinary paper. I decorated a phone holder 'cos you can never have too many of these.

I started with my naked phone holder (I'm sure it's not real wood lol)
I applied some base paint by pressing it on my gelli plate, then I stamped with Doodle Circles. This is a lovely stamp to colour in, which I did with paint pens and silver acrylic.

Next came the sentiment. If I'd thought this through I'd have realised that I could have used tissue paper, but never mind. This is construction tape - a little like duct tape but you can paint it. So I just stuck it to my craft mat then painted it white.

Then I stamped my Carmen's Veranda Tidy Minds stamp.

I just cut around it and stuck it in place. I was a little bit surprised that it was still sticky, but it certainly was!

And this is how it looks with my phone in place! I don't know how, but this cover blends in wherever it is, so it's great to have a proper place for it (and this way I remember to charge it too so it's a win-win!)

I only used 2 stamps on this one, that must be some sort of record! I've used

I hope you like it, and that you join in with our fun challenge. Take care, and thanks so much for looking xx

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Riet Harikini said...

Again agreat piece, love it!!!