Monday, October 18, 2021

31 Days of Halloween Day 18 - Bite Me!

Welcome back to Lost Coast Portal to Creativity where Lost Coast Designs and Carmen's Veranda collide to bring you twice the inspiration and double the fun!

 Good morning and a very happy Monday, I hope you had a great weekend. So it's day 18 of the 31 Days of Halloween here on the Portal and I'm (Sue) back with some more fun and spooky creations.

Evil Eye has a bit of an attitude problem!

Whereas the Dancing Skeletons are much more cheerful!

I'll soon be able to show you what I'm doing with all of these panels, but not just yet!

Today's stamps are

Lost Coast

Dancing Skeletons

Evil Eye

Old Typewriter Alpha 

Spray Webbing

Drips   and 

Carmen's Veranda

Witches Go Riding

For more Halloween inspiration don't forget to visit us here on the Portal as there's a new post every day throughout October.

Thanks very much for looking, and may the spook be with you! x

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